Your most valuable data is inside of SAP

With data leaving the enterprise in enormous volumes and rates, Data Loss Prevention for SAP is a key security issue.

First native DLP software for SAP

Halocore monitors data extracted from SAP and blocks downloads that would violate internal data security policy. Additionally, all download behavior is logged for further auditing and with Halocore’s GRC Extension, and appropriate personnel can be alerted of blocked downloads to investigate and take further action.

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Block restricted data downloads from SAP


Prevent accidental and malicious data leaks from SAP

Unlike other DLP solutions, Halocore is directly integrated with SAP, giving you a unique opportunity to stop data leakage right at the source. Data to be extracted from your SAP system is analyzed and classified in the background, and information deemed too critical to leave the secure boundaries of SAP is blocked in real-time.
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Enhance internal auditing and analysis

Empower admin teams to track sensitive data movement and identify risky areas, users or transactions. All download activity is logged and made available via fully customizable auditing reports. Additionally, raw log data can be imported into third-party Business Intelligence and Dashboard solutions to visualize the audit log


Trigger alerts and inform key stakeholders

Make administrators immediately aware of any DLP policy violations to reduce the risk of unsanctioned actions. Key personnel is notified via a flexible alerting mechanism about blocked downloads in order to further investigate the incident or to grant an exception in order to allow the user to download the requested data.


Enhance compliance to national and international regulations

Strengthen compliance to various laws and regulations, including PCI, FISMA, HIPAA, Basel, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and others. Lower costs associated with export control regulations such as ITAR and EAR by seamlessly controlling access to technical data across global locations. Prevent certain types of compliance sensitive data from leaving the enterprise to regulatory and auditing requirements.


Solution Brief

DLP is an important tool in your data-protection toolkit, and it has the advantage of providing generic protection without the need for deep integration into third-party applications. For example, DLP could be configured to automatically remove or quarantine a spreadsheet saved to a file server if it contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or financial data. However, this advantage is also a disadvantage.
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