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According to IBM, 80% of data existing in any enterprise is unstructured and without proper classification

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Data classification for SAP

Identify the value of business information right at the moment of its creation in SAP with Halocore, the first solution designed specifically for SAP customers. Halocore enables users to conveniently tag information at the point of download from SAP. This allows companies to have better control and make intelligent decisions over sensitive data handling.

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Classify data at the moment of its creation in SAP



Increase security awareness among users

Security starts with every individual user inside your company. Make your users aware of the sensitivity of the data they are handling without interrupting their workflows. Because Halocore prompts users to classify a document as soon as it’s created in SAP, their levels of engagement and accountability are significantly increased.


Identify sensitive data with intelligent classification

Data classification is often perceived as a long and painful process. Simplify this process with built-in intuitive classification algorithms. By suggesting classification labels to the user, Halocore makes the classification decision easy and efficient. Labels are fully customizable and work with your business environment to meet internal and regulatory marking standards.

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Enhance existing SAP auditing processes

Increase visibility over sensitive data distribution with Halocore’s advanced logging and auditing features. Apart from SAP attributes, such as time stamp, transaction code, and application component, a fully customizable log also uniquely provides admins and auditing teams with the classification label chosen by the user versus the best match label Halocore calculated. This information can be a valuable auditing tool.


Optimize Data Loss Prevention

Identifying sensitive data is one of the single biggest challenges when implementing and utilizing a DLP solution. Increase accuracy and effectiveness of implemented DLP solutions by classifying data at the moment of its creation in SAP. Additionally, Halocore provides first native DLP capabilities for SAP by blocking certain sensitive data downloads in real time before they even hit the user’s front-end.


Simplify compliance efforts

Compliance regulations require companies to show that they can track and monitor who accessed a particular type of sensitive information. Reduce efforts and costs associated with identifying and tracking compliance related data by having proper classification in place. Halocore is designed to assist your compliance efforts by adding structure and context to vast amounts of sensitive documents.


Solution Brief

Data classification is one of the most critical tools for securing data, ranking in the top three most important security controls for organizations across a variety of industries. However, SAP customers have yet to find a technology that directly integrates with their SAP systems and applications and allows users to classify documents before they arrive at the user’s chosen medium.
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